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SGA Auto Insurance Claims

Vehicle/Transport and Auto Insurance Adjusters in Kansas

Each of our auto insurance claim appraisers have over 10 years experience in the estimating field. Knowledge of Mitchell, ADP, CCC and other estimating software makes your claims go faster. SGA currently uses Mitchell UltraMate 7 Advanced Estimating System on all estimates. All of our investigative and appraisal services are provided by professionals who work hard to represent you, and adhere to your policies and guidelines. Our auto insurance claims adjusters will make sure you have the information and reports needed to settle your claim. In addition to a thorough knowledge of industry standards, we go above and beyond to work closely with outside experts and legal defense. We take claims seriously, and provide clients with the necessary tools for successful defense and equitable claim management.

Our standard of service includes the following:

• Police and Highway Patrol reports will be obtained for you
• First reports submitted within 14 days
• Concise, detailed reports, with supporting data
• We are proactive and stay on the job until you have the information you need
• Coordination of accident reconstruction
• Identification of all parties involved